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    Case Studies
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    Case Studies
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    Case Studies
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Case Study 3- Pharmaceutical Plant

Case Study - Pharmaceutical Plant

Project Profile

  • Industry: Pharmaceutical
  • Type: Partial Commissioning
  • Square Footage: 145,500
  • Location: Puerto Rico

Project Description

A Pharmaceutical client located in Puerto Rico, was performing a $140 million building renovation addition to their production facility and the project was at the substantial completion phase of construction. They were in the midst of starting the HVAC and process equipment throughout the facility. As with most projects, the budget was tight and the schedule aggressive, making daily progress essential. The new facility was important to the client and needed to be on line on time and needed to get through start up, commissioning and into validation. Conditions were such that they were losing time and running in to one problem after another.

MSC was called to lend a technical hand to help resolve issues. We quickly responded to our clients needs, shipped down a few needed instruments, and were on the job a few days later. We met with the site staff and discussed the systems experiencing problems and what was required to get them online and through commissioning in the shortest possible time frame. The commissioning being performed by others was accelerated and ended up being stalled each time a problem was encountered. We began our diagnostic process going unit by unit and system by system, prioritizing the problems and then correcting them.

We began by checking and confirming air balance values and then moving into critical room temperature control. During our diagnostics we found the typical problems such as CV and VAV terminals not controlling properly. A fairly significant discovery common to all 300 reheat valves, was that they had been improperly assembled in the field. The contractor had already placed an order for replacement valves with a four week lead time (plus installation). The fact that we were able to properly assemble these valves with parts from a local industrial supplier, saved our client from a significant schedule setback. Shortly after we had the air and temperature under control, we began to work on room and building pressurization which turned up one or two installation and design anomalies that were corrected. Many air flow stations were installed throughout the building and most were installed correctly; however a few were not providing accurate readings. Our diagnostic work identified those stations that required flow straighteners and those that simply could not work accurately due to installation constraints requiring an alternate method for flow measurement.

Once we progressed through the systems, the building air, water, temperature, and pressurization came under control which allowed the building commissioning to proceed through completion and into validation. On this site, the Owner also asked us to assist in the commissioning of other systems such as glycol chilled water, WFI, clean steam, CIP, waste neutralization, and plant process water systems. In these cases, we removed road blocks by making repairs and corrections to allow the commissioning to continue without delays. In many cases, we just needed to work with the vendors and plant personal to pull everything together.

In the end the commissioning process was back on track and the validation process began on time.

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